Actioncoach Meeting Generator | Diag Generator
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The Meeting Generator

On average, a fully engaged workforce has: Capture data from your leads in a way that’s value orientated and provides exactly what the lead is looking for. Avalanche’s new ‘Meeting Generator’ is a fully embeddable, interactive form that has an automated backend so the hard work, is done.

Explainer Video:  We thought we would explain how our meeting generator works for you in a video.

How does it work?

Avalanche have spent the last 4 years testing and measuring how to sell coaching digitally, generating millions in revenue for coaching/consulting clients. Our value-based, permissive, approach has gained recognition as one of the pioneering uses of social media as a sales tool, today

Step By Step

The process of this system

  1. The form is developed.
  2. Avalanche link form to email provider via automation software.
  3. Email automation set up – client and lead notified of form being filled in.
  4. Code provided to client
  5. Dependant on package chosen, code embedded in their landing page.
  6. The client can embed code wherever necessary. Avalanche recommends at least 8 locations